Monday, December 7, 2009

Our little sweetie!

Here are a few pictures to get things started. We aren't the best photographers but we are getting a lot of practice. She seems to be trying to bond with both of us. Brian gets the cold shoulder every now and then but when she is in the mood, she really likes to play with both of us. She prefers I feed her, she fights sleep like nothing I have ever seen, they said she likes bathing but changing her clothes or diaper or bathing is like trying to give a cat a bath!!!!
I can't say for certain how much she weighs. She is as we thought, 12 months in size if it shrinks and 9 months if it doesn't. I have been obsessed with how much she will weigh (It is a job related thing). A bottle is the way to get her in better spirits. When she smiles, she really cheeses and she has about 3 teeth in the front!!!!
The experience is sureal! Having somebody need me for everything is so very different. We are just trying to let her go at her own pace (except for the bath!)
She really is protective of her hand. She is able to do much more than I expected. She can't walk and her balance is not great, but she can stand by pulling herself up and has made a few gains in the past 16 hours!

Thanks for the prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Theresa said...

your family is beautiful!! Praying for your safe return. Can't wait to see my beautiful niece. The boys say their new cousin is so cute.

Bryan said...

She is so adorable! Thank you for the update and pictures!

Margaret M said...

THANK YOU!!! I have been begging for info and finally called your Mom at work today. She is beautiful and looks soooooo MUCH like Lily Wen at that age. This is taking me back some years!!!!! Bless you all and it sounds like she is doing great. Bathe her in the sink where she can see her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Lily Wen was only happy taking a bath this way! Hugs to you ALL!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the update-I can't wait to see more pictures! She is beautiful!

Courtney said...

Congratulations Mommy and Daddy! She is beautiful! I am so glad to hear she is bonding with you! Can't wait til you caome home!