Sunday, March 14, 2010

Amelia has been part of our family for 3 months now! Time has really gone by so quickly. She has changed so much. She has gained 6 pounds and 2 3/4 inches! She can do so many things. Her attitude and behavior is nothing like I expected. She goes at any task with confidence. She almost has an attitude of "you people with two hands must have it rough, with that other hand in the way". I imagined that she would look at something she wanted to do, and just need help. That is just not the case.

She has a beautiful little spirit, and has really captured us completely. She does have issues with seperation at daycare. She also can't seem to chew (we are working on that with speech therapy).
The hand is really just not an issue for her right now. I would imagine when she gets older, there will be things that are very difficult.

I am so happy to be able to say she is my daughter. We love her so much.

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